onsdag den 27. januar 2010

Website coming

For the last two days, I've been working on a website for us, and lets see if that'll bring some more attention to us. And some more dedication from the team.

So far, I got the first page coded, and I'm moving on to the rest as we speak. It'll hopefully be up soon, hosted via. my own personal site.

Edit:// Its actually fininshed now! Link

I'd also like to add that I'm still working on several props and textures for the mod, I'm just waiting until I got a big bunch before I release some screenshots, but if you guys from the team ever hit me up on MSN for example, then you can of course see what I got.

Also, we're still hiring artists who's engaged into the project and wants to see a new and interesting modification that takes Source way beyond its limits.

If you're interested in a position, and got talent, then drop me a message at kevin_is_me106@hotmail.com including a small variety of images or videos of your work so I can judge your skills.

.: Enjoy :.

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