søndag den 22. november 2009

Fresh meat!

Hi people.

I got some great news, or what can turn out to be great news at least!
In the start of the month, I got an e-mail from a  K.V. who wants to join us as en environmental artist.
So far I've been looking at his work and been thinking a lot, and I finally, today, gave him a yes. I did also mention that we don't currently have a solid back story and very little concept art to work from, as of yet that is.

I'm of course waiting with joy for a positive reply, but lets wait and see.

I personally got an e-mail from David Prassel, the project director on Orion.
He wanted me to work as a 3D prop artist, but I had to reject it due to our own project here.
But I did suggest the following:

"If you'd like, we could help out each other? I'm helping/providing you with everything from textures to props and weapon models. And then perhaps your team could help us out with what we currently don't have staff members for?"
Here I'm also waiting for a reply, but lets keep our fingers crossed that we can get some support by an already successful modification team.

That was it for now! Stay tuned for more information.

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